• "I've been with O'Currance for a little over a year, and I truly love what I do.  I started in-house, and after proving myself at the office, began working from home, which allows me to save time and money and reduces wear-and-tear on my car.  I work 40 hours a week and have been given a schedule that accommodates my needs.  O'Currance genuinely cares about its employees.  It is a wonderful place to work."

    Dave Conrad

    "O'Currance is a career for me, complete with benefits.  As a dedicated agent, I field calls for one company - Infinite Mind.  This appeals to me because Infinite Mind offers a reading program to increase speed and comprehension.  I have a Masters degree in education, so I really feel like I'm putting my skills to use.

    "I love being a remote agent because my entire clothing budget for last was two pair of slippers!  Also, working from home means I can move a load of wash into the dryer, start the crock pot and let the dog in and out - all with no commute time and no travel costs.  Who wouldn't love that?"

    Barb Selvig

    "I love working for O'Currance, because it's more like a family than a company.  If I have a problem, whether it's personal or work-related, I know my colleagues at O'Currance will help me solve it.  The people at O'Currance are full of integrity; I trust them and know they trust and care about me."

    Carol McCloud

    "Working for O'Currance has allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom while also earning an income for my family and our needs.  I make an hourly rate and commission on top of that.  Also, with O'Currance being open 24/7, there are a variety of schedules to choose from."

    Jessica Endicott